Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Now?

In light of the recent events surrounding Chick-fil-A, I couldn't help but think why now?  Why all the fuss 66 years after they opened their doors?

Now do not let me be misunderstood, I obviously understand that this stemmed from the following response Dan Cathy gave to a radio station in regards to traditional marriage:

"We are very much supportive of the family -- the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that...we know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles."


"I think we are inviting God's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, 'We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage,' and I pray God's mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to try to redefine what marriage is about."

I invite you to tell me where in either of those quotes did Dan Cathy say he was anti-gay?  (Hint: he didn't).  Yes, he said he that believed in the biblical definition of marriage and simply said that he thought that those who questioned God were prideful and arrogant.  There is no statement saying he is anti-gay.  What he said was nothing you couldn't find in a bible yourself.  Is that saying God is anti-gay?  I don't think so.  God loves everyone, even the sinners.  Dan Cathy was merely stating his personal, biblical beliefs and that he trusted in God to define what a marriage is.

Back to my original question: why now?  If everyone really thought Chick-fil-A was anti-gay and thinks that people should boycott them, we should've been doing it for the past 66 years.  Chick-fil-A was founded upon Christianity.  Its owners have Christian beliefs, Christian morals, and made sure it was closed on Sundays not to give their workers a day of rest, but to honor the sabbath.  None of their principles changed on July 16, 2012.  Not one. 

Which brings me to my next point.  Many of those who are in opposition to Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A say their opposition is NOT related to his comments on traditional marriage, but rather the organizations he has donated money to in the past.  They claim that these organizations are anti-gay and therefore Chick-fil-A is anti-gay.  First, this seems like a roundabout way to throw in the towel at Chick-fil-A.  Had Dan Cathy never had that interview, those in support of gay rights would have never been outraged at Chick-fil-A.  I think this brings up a certain ignorance to those who are boycotting Chick-fil-A.  Maybe your due-diligence should be done before the owner comes out and says his views.  They had no problem eating at his restaurants until this interview was released.  This just tells me that they are in uproar about his response to traditional marriage and not what organizations he has been donating to.  Chick-fil-A has always supported these programs.  They didn't just start supporting them on July 16, 2012. 

Therefore, I urge you to not believe that Chick-fil-A is discriminating against gays.  In order for a business (which Chick-fil-A is) to discriminate, they must deny a service or product to a person based on their sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  They have done none of the previously mentioned.  Chick-fil-A is not in the business to donate money.  They are in the business of fast food.  Therefore, unless one is denied food at one of their restaurants they are not discriminating against anyone. 

Regardless of Dan Cathy's response and who a PRIVATE company donates their money to, Chick-fil-A has always provided good, quality food and has never, not once, denied any customer of their civil rights when they walked through their doors. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Not sure why I'm blogging...

So I've decided to blog.

This blog isn't the typical newlyweds blog "keeping you updated about our first year of marriage" kind of blog though.  In fact, it'll probably end up being the opposite.  However, I'm not exactly sure what kind of blog it's going to be yet.  I've thought about a lot of ideas and unfortunately I'm just not that interesting or good at grammar (so please ignore it).

Cooking - I don't cook...Nathan does

Baking - I like to bake, but I would be bad about consistently blogging and my family and friends would end up fat

Crafts - Definitely not.  I wish though...maybe I should get a sewing machine?

Fashion - No.  It would end up being a blog about cardigans.

Kids - Don't have those yet

and anything else that has come mind...shot down. 

The only thing that is reasonable enough to blog about on a consistent basis (at this time of year) would be So You Think You Can Dance.  The current "blogger", if you will, for SYTYCD whose reviews you will see on Yahoo, is fully incompetent about the world of dance.  Most the time she just agrees with the judges who can't give a third party opinion if their lives depended on it.  Don't get me started...

hmm...maybe I'll take over Lindsey Parker's job.