Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Not sure why I'm blogging...

So I've decided to blog.

This blog isn't the typical newlyweds blog "keeping you updated about our first year of marriage" kind of blog though.  In fact, it'll probably end up being the opposite.  However, I'm not exactly sure what kind of blog it's going to be yet.  I've thought about a lot of ideas and unfortunately I'm just not that interesting or good at grammar (so please ignore it).

Cooking - I don't cook...Nathan does

Baking - I like to bake, but I would be bad about consistently blogging and my family and friends would end up fat

Crafts - Definitely not.  I wish though...maybe I should get a sewing machine?

Fashion - No.  It would end up being a blog about cardigans.

Kids - Don't have those yet

and anything else that has come mind...shot down. 

The only thing that is reasonable enough to blog about on a consistent basis (at this time of year) would be So You Think You Can Dance.  The current "blogger", if you will, for SYTYCD whose reviews you will see on Yahoo, is fully incompetent about the world of dance.  Most the time she just agrees with the judges who can't give a third party opinion if their lives depended on it.  Don't get me started...

hmm...maybe I'll take over Lindsey Parker's job.

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